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Unless otherwise specified, the Service is for your personal use and for the use of your practice on one website and is transferable only to a new owner of the practice in the event that the practice is sold or transferred to a new owner. Otherwise it is not transferable in any other manner to any other party unless expressly authorized by Imagine Media LLC, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, modify, create derivative works from, frame, distribute, transmit, perform, publish, license, rent, lease, loan, sell, resell, transfer or otherwise exploit for any commercial purpose any portion of the Service.


Patient education videos are the property of MediaMed.com. In the event the Service is canceled, the MediaMed videos are not included with the website. To continue the use of the patient education videos from MediaMed.com, the client would need to contact MediaMed.com and establish service for the delivery of the patient education video library. Imagine Media LLC is not responsible for any payments to MediaMed.com for the continued use of the patient education videos to MediaMed.com or any other third party company. Imagine Media LLC is not responsible for activating or setting up a new account for the delivery of the patient education videos. Once Service is canceled with Imagine Media LLC, Imagine Media LLC is not responsible for any portion of the website.


Links to other websites may be placed on your website as part of a Link Exchange Program. A link to your website may be placed on other website as part of a Link Exchange Program. Imagine Media LLC may edit, delete, or replace these links at anytime without notice.


Imagine Media LLC is not responsible for any of the material that is included in a external website that is linked from to the Clients website.


No other company may post any links or content on the website claiming to have designed the website. You agree that even if the account is canceled with Imagine Media LLC and the website is moved to another hosting provider, you will not permit any company to post any links or content on the website that state they have designed the website produced and created by Imagine Media LLC. Imagine Media LLC is only company that can be listed on the website for website design Credit. If the account is canceled, you may remove any links or content that was posted by Imagine Media LLC and not show any company information.


Imagine Media LLC will fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing Imagine Media LLC to disclose the identity of anyone posting or sending any emails or material on or through the Clients website or via email that would be considered a violation of any law.


This agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida in State or Federal Courts located in Broward County, Florida, and you expressly consent to the jurisdiction of said courts.


In addition to the Imagine Media LLC Terms of Use Agreement, Clients who purchases the Imagine Media LLC Service agrees to the following Imagine Media LLC End User License Agreement.

The Client shall be solely responsible for all content on the website and agrees to hold Imagine Media LLC harmless from any liability arising from Clients information. Manual revisions and custom modifications may be submitted to Imagine Media LLC, but may be subject to additional charges.

Imagine Media LLC shall provide a website for the Client to use to update the Clients websites. Imagine Media LLC will provide various website designs to choose from that can be change at any time. Website content will be provided for the Client to choose from. Client will be able to modify, add or delete most content. Imagine Media LLC will provide web hosting for the website. Web hosting also includes email accounts. Imagine Media LLC will create email accounts for the Client at the Clients request.

Upon signing up for an Active Account, the Client has the option of emailing additional content to be included in the website and Imagine Media LLC will complete this work for the Client at no additional charge. Imagine Media LLC reserves the right to refuse to add any information for the Client that was submitted by the Client if Imaging Media LLC determines the amount of information sent by the Client to be excessive. The Client has the option to add the content by using the tools and feature provided with the Service at any time on their own.

Imagine Media LLC will not be responsible for unauthorized access to the website. The Client is responsible for monitoring the content of the website and Imagine Media LLC shall have no liability to Client or any third party for any alterations, modifications or the deletion or corruption of any data on the website.


An Active Account is an account that has been approved by Imagine Media LLC to go live on the world wide web and has been assigned to a specific domain name that the Client provided. The initial term of this Agreement shall be for a period of one (1) month from the Activation Date. This Agreement can be extended by Client by paying the monthly renewal fee as agreed upon at the time of the account creation. A separate agreement may be provided with fees and payments regarding the Clients account. This Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time. Imagine Media LLC does not provide any refunds for any services provided. The Activation Date is the date the Client signs up for an Active Account.


Upon termination of an account, Imagine Media LLC will grant one extended user license for the Client to use one selected website with content for further personal use and/or for the use of the practice on one website. Client agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement while using the website produced by Imagine Media LLC regardless of where the website is hosted. Client understands that after cancelation, Client will no longer have access to Imagine Media LLC log in area and Imagine Media LLC will no longer provide any support associated with the website. No further payment will be required for the use of the website.

Imagine Media LLC reserves the right to refuse or discontinue the services for any Client. In the event Imagine Media LLC cancels the account, one Extended User License will be granted with the cancelation to the Client. Client agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement upon cancelation.


Any payment plan that has been agreed upon by Imagine Media LLC and Client must be paid in full if Service is canceled prior to the full amount of the amount owed on the payment plan. If full payment on the remaining balance is not paid, Imagine Media LLC retains ownership of all items listed in the separate Agreement. The Agreement will include all items subject to the payment plan which will be forfeited by the Client is full payment is not made. All items listed in the Payment Plan Agreement will remain the property of Imagine Media LLC until the full outstanding balance in the payment plan is completed.

Imagine Media LLC reserves the right to modify TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT. 

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